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Xenogenesis Requiem
26 June 2011 @ 01:55 am
 So yeah, been sewing a dress for Natsucon and it's easy. Here's a picture of what I expect it to look likeSee the picturesCollapse )
Cute right? I thought it was cute too! until i tried it on to see how it fit and let's just say, it was a HORRIBLE experience LOL I realized that I sewed for a JAPANESE medium. So technically this dress would be perfect for a little Japanese girl who was 5'3'' not an African American female who's 5'3''. So I'm still going to create the dress that looks similiar to this. I printed off the pattern again and enlarged it by 130% which SHOULD be big enough for me to slip in and out a bit more comfortable. I honestly need an adapter for my current sewing machine because if I could get an adapter or something for my overlocking pressing foot, I would just overlock the seams so that it wouldnt be completely small for me. 

When I re-printed the pattern, I had to redraw ALOT of the pattern by using my old pattern as a guide so that it'd be enlarged. In a way, i'm a bit afraid that this wont fit but I'm pretty sure that it'll fit this time. But just in case, i might by some graphing paper and make it bigger or take it to a copy shop and have them make it a bit bigger. Just depends I guess.

This dress, before i realized it was too small, Was the cutest thing ever! And instead of wasting it and giving it to someone, I've decided I'll create a doll who'll wear it. A little Mini-Me.

So that's my little update. This dress to me can be finished within a week's time...Well actually I took one day to arrange the patterns and cut them out, one day to cut out the patterns, one day to sew them all together and I was almost done within only maybe...Three days time? I'm going to put these pattern and pin them to my ugly body dummy and see if it'll be okay to wear or make for my size.
Xenogenesis Requiem
22 August 2010 @ 12:51 pm
see picsCollapse )
Xenogenesis Requiem
20 August 2010 @ 06:24 pm
VERY tired today. I stayed awake as much as I could but I was tired beyond repair. I'm still tired as I type this journal right now. But as some know me, I'm writing a story(a novel,just gotta add in things that were either mentioned or I forgot to mention. I'm planning on writing the sequel to that story but right now I'm at writer's block and I'm actually gonna veer away from Vamps and weres for a minute. This is a fictional story about Lucifer. yes, the Devil Lucifer.

Now I'm not gonna shed light on Lucifer because in my roleplay with a friend of mine, he's evil but he's more of an asshole and a sex-fiend rather than an evil, trying to get your soul kind of guy. But it 's not something I expect to publish anyway...

I'll probably add more to this but maybe later
Xenogenesis Requiem
11 August 2010 @ 08:12 pm
Hello everyone! I decided to change my LiveJournal from IlluminSolstice to XenoRequiem. I dont know why I love the word 'Xenogenesis'. I guess because it's a word I looked up while I was doing vocab for my 11th grade Biology class LOL

Anyway, this will be a more personal journal than my other one. The other one was more random and I'm going to start using it for more webcomic/story/whatever reviews and this will be my personal journal. I'll upload pictures of either me, my friends, toys, whatever. I'll update with events as often as I can during the year and even show videos of my France trip when i go.

So expect pictures and stuff! :D
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